Curb Appeal

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Curb Appeal  (Pierce G.)  TET 8330 (Mountain Wildflower x Fringy) 32” 6.25” flower, EV emo EMre, 6-way branching with 35 buds.  Very Fragrant.  Arching Foliage.

When I took over Floyd Cove in 2007 I was amazed how far the picoteed eyed daylilies had progressed.  They were big, solid blooms on the most wonderful tall scapes.  And especially the color saturation!  At the same time I had never seen a white with a green fringy edge before, and so the thought to combine the bold picotee edges with fringy green edges was born. 

In Curb Appeal you have the first of many double edged daylilies, but very few kept the chartreus edge color of Fringy in the F1’s.  Curb Appeal looks just like the picture.  Clean clear colors with no tan tones, no pineapple foliage.  The wide petaled blooms are quite circular, and there is no hanging.  The blooms starting from April until September look like nothing else out there and are easily fertile both ways.  Curb Appeal continues to be a fabulous parent for big green throats and green edges.