Abalone Bite

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ABALONE BITE G. Pierce  584  (Spinefeld x Briar Patch)  EV EM RE 32 high  5.5”flower  5 way branching  30-35 buds, This bold little beauty always gets her fair share of attention in the garden.  I only say small as most of my things are now over 7 inches, and this is why ABALONE BITE is only $55!  A cross made by sheer desperation the flower is a shocker by contrasts and has been a great breeder in my teeth and pattern program.  *Here’s a tip - Try taking ABALONE BITE to Double Edges and see what happens.  Easily Fertile both ways and she always looks great.  What's nice is how the black picotee is pulled-up into the long pure white teeth.  As the saying goes "Very interesting...  The sepals are all edged in teeth too just out of sight.    An easy and strong healthy grower.  I have never lost a single plant!