Beyond Pluto


BEYOND PLUTO (Stamile-Piece) TET 880 (Precious Candy x Ted Petit Sdlg) 32” 5.75” flower, EV emo EMre, 5 way branching with 30 buds.  Arching Foliage.

    If you love big purple flowers as I do, you will love BEYOND PLUTO.  There is a unique presence in this blossom that makes you love it instantly.  The big bluish silver watermark is out lined in dark plum and the throat is pleasingly green.   The flower petals are edged in the color of the watermark then further outlined in bold piping Gold.  These large flowers open flat with heavy substance.   BEYOND PLUTO has given me both new double edge prodigy as well as patterns with big edges.  Highly Recommended.  Easily fertile both ways.