Born to be Wild


BORN TO BE WILD (Pierce, G.) 8163-A (((Calling All Angles x Sue Brown) x Mountain Wildflower) x Fringy) SEV EM 32”  6.25” flower, 6 way branching, 35-40 buds. The perfect name for literally a perfect modern daylily, and “Oh My Heavens” a great parent!!!  In 2008, I wanted to put a green edge all around the edges of Floyd Cove’s richly colored eyed daylilies.  Of course I got the stuffed shirt lecture… and as you can see by this cross I put the lovely Fringy on our edged and eyed hems.

From six seed came four keepers, two dormant and two SEV.  All were extremely pod fertile and began throwing winning offspring.  I was going to introduce one of the dormant sibs but it looked too similar to BTBW to be released.  Anyway, BORN TO BE WILD has all the modern criteria that are essential to be released as a Floyd Cove daylily.  Low arching foliage, scape height and buds, color clarity, health, and a unique look, BTBW got it’s great fertility from the pod parent, and will accept any pollen you give her easily.  This trait has been passed down to her future offspring, and they are dreamy.  The base color of BORN TO BE WILD is a clean near white with a plum purple eye and a matching purple picottee, the picottee is then completely edged in chartreuse.  There is also a bright green throat.  Very easily fertile.   Limited.