Brookey's Beauty

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BROOKEY’S BEAUTY (Pierce G.) 3080-C (Great White Dove x Icicles) SEV, EM, 44” tall, 6.5” flower, 8 way branching, 60 buds,  Multi Rebloom Heavily Diamond Dusted Easily Pod Fertile. Tree-like Scape.

Named for Karen’s adorable Niece Brooke this breathtaking new pink is ready for release.  In BROOKEY’S BEAUTY everything came perfectly together, and I can’t imagine her any better.  I’ve taken the picture outside in the sun so you can see the intensity of the substance and the delicious Diamond Dusting!!!

In person the blooms show very large and round.  The clean colors of Ice Pink petals and Gold in the edging just radiate.  The petals are extra wide and over squared, with deep ribbing going from the throat almost all the way to the end of the petals.  Heavy in your hands.  If she were a ball you could throw her.  For a blossom like this you need a good scape.  Not just a lot of skinny branches etc., but a Thick, Wide, Heavy scape, and guess what – You Got it…  An absolutely gorgeous modern pink daylily, and a strong grower!  Absolutely tops in her class – Enjoy.