Chief Bites A Lot

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CHIEF BITESALOT (Pierce G) 2146-M (Spinefeld x Hooked) x unknown EMre EV emo 36” 7.25” flower, 5 way branching, 40 buds, fragrant.
If you like teeth, big teeth, lots of teeth – they are everywhere!  Que the screaming woman…!
My best toothy daylily by far, may I present CHIEF BITESALOT or The Chief.  One wonders how he got that name.  By the way, the chief is not married!  This is a wonderful daylily.  Big, big flowers that never hangs up.  CHIEF BITESALOT grows like a weed, with low arching foliage – of course.  The Chief is extremely pod Fertile and never seems to have a bad tooth day.  Enjoy.  Easily Fertile both ways.