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COLOSSUS (Pierce G.) 1421-B ((Buffalo Thunder x Black to the Future) x Mayans’ Dawn) TET EV EMRE 40” 6.75” flower, 5 way branching, 45-50 Buds.

Wow, here she is with finally enough stock to introduce.  In the garden people guess that the flower size of COLOSSUS is 8”.  When you look at the name on paper and then the printed flower size you may be confused.  First of all I do not play the game of saying all my daylilies are 7-8”.  This flower is so full and round, and with the over square wide petals she looks bigger, none the less awesome may be an appropriate word.  COLOSSUS is the Be All of big purple daylilies.  She has a bluish watermark which is additionally rimmed around the petals, a strong white to gold edging outlined in small teeth, and is always open flat with no hanging up.   COLOSSUS is also a good pod setter which is usually not the case when the flower face gets big.  This photo is just a file photo as I was not ready to introduce 1421 B until next year, but in moving the farm there just wasn’t the room so COLOSSUS is being introduced with limited stock.  If you love big purple daylilies COLOSSUS is your flower.  Fertile both ways.